Delivering institutional level research and deep insight completely free of charge

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Model

Using various factors that we believe influence cattle prices we have developed a machine learning model that gives us two week price forecasts and helps guide our hedging decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Twitter Sentiment Model

Our Twitter sentiment model scrapes relevant Tweets, uses machine learning to analyze the sentiment, and plots a sentiment score against price. This helps us take an accurate temperature of the market and act accordingly.

Goes where you go

Mobile app

All of our research and insight goes where you go. Receive push notifications any time we post an update or recommendation.

Great benefits from Kapco Futures

We believe in delivering radical transparency and deep insight

  • Completely free market intelligence

  • Multiple vendors so we can triangulate their opinions

  • Instant notification through our mobile app and client portal

  • Machine learning and A.I.

  • Data-driven research

  • Hundreds of fundamental and technical charts per week

  • Daily video updates

  • Thousands of dollars in free subscriptions

Most other brokers

  • Charge for their opinion

  • Singular source

  • Gets buried in your email

  • Same style of analysis that has always been around

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